Louis Wilson Boats

Our Story

Louis Wilson Boats is a company that descends a bloodline of boat builders. We've inherited a robust set of ethics that ensure every boat we create has the same quality and elegance that has sailed the family flag since 2001.

Our steelwork has formed the basis for many genuinely great and award-winning boats, preferred by both professional and self-build customers. We offer beautiful, handcrafted steelwork in a tremendous variety of styles and designs, built to your specifications.

Our Process

We use contemporary technology and innovation to ensure that our boats are of the highest specifications.


Our shells range from those heavily inspired by traditional craft to state of the art vessels; inline with your tastes. We can provide both sailaway and fit-out options.


We create finished Traditional Narrowboats specifically for touring our British Waterways. Visit Boats For Sale for models currently in stock.


We are trained and supported by the country's leading shell manufacturers. Many perceptive trade customers use our steelwork as a base for their products.


All of our boats are created inline with your specification, so prices vary between projects; however you can get an excellent idea of cost on our pricing page.

We’ve reviewed plenty of Tyler-Wilson boats over the years – but never one quite like this. The firm is one of the biggest and best known shell builders, supplying steelwork to many of the top boat-fitters, but they also fit-out a few boats each year, and this is the first time we’ve looked at one where they’re responsible for the inside as well. In fact, this boat shows off everything they can do. They designed the shape of the shell, based on old working barges, built the steelwork, came up with the internal layout, fitted it out and painted the outside. What’s more, this boat easily meets the taxman’s requirements to be zero rated for VAT if it’s bought as a liveaboard. That means it’s firmly in the residential market as well as appealing to leisure boaters.

Canal BoatOne of the biggest and best known shell builders

We were advised our shell builder had been changed to Tyler-Wilson. We were delighted to receive this news as they have a reputation for being one of the best shell builders in the UK.

Granny ButtonsOne of the best shell builders in the UK